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Ayana Julruk — Human with a purple Rook chesspiece. Follower of Lathander. Xoblob — Owner. Bald head with Eye Tattoos. Nicodemus Silvermoor — Human Paladin of Tyr. Chestnut brown hair about shoulder length. Injured left hand.

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Mirolyth Azurecrest — Elf Wizard. Black robes, Blue trim with academic achievement stripes. Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors Embroidery. City watch Badge. Studied at Blackstaff Tower. Dirt on Feet all the time, even when dirt is not around, Huginn has dirty. Even his signature leaves a trail of dust. Xel Atal — Aasimar Warlock. Golden skin with blonde hair, shoulder length. Silver eyes. Leather Armor. Acolyte of Lathander with Caelar Argent as his Patron.

Satchel over shoulder. Fine features. He escapes. Our adventurers meet Yalah Gralhund and her half-orc bodyguard Herabazz.

They also save her husband, Orond Gralhund. Urstil Floxin was smashing his head off of a cabinet. We also meet two of the three Gralhund children. It was noticed that they may have an older daughter per the family portrait in the great hall of their estate, but we did not ask the Gralhunds about her. Orond Gralhund states that Urstil thought he knew the location of the Stone of Golorr. The Gralhunds state they are well off without the horde of gold and have no need to participate in this treasure hunt. But, they have also heard rumors that Nico, Xel, Huginn and Mirolyth may have possession of the artifact.

Yalah acknowledges Urstil Floxin was hired to provide additional security, but now realize that she cannot trust the Zhentarim. She thought the Nimblewright was a faithful servant but believes that it was working under instruction of the Zhents. It stole her magical Necklace of Fireballs.

Yalah denies any knowledge about Lycanthropes within the city.

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Yalah Gralhund speaks privately with Nicodemus. She signs over the deed to Poultry Farms. However, rather than accepting the deed for the Red Sails Warehouse in return Dock Ward , she proposes an alternative request. Yalah believes that there is corruption within Waterdeep.

As a noble of Waterdeep, Yalah takes particular interest in prevent corrupt Waterdavian politics. She has asked that Nicodemus investigate five suspicious leads on possible masked lords and report back to her.

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She has paid her end of the agreement up front. Each adventurer is awarded an Emerald worth gp as a token of gratitude from Mrs. From the list, Xel Atal mentions that Xoblob seems a rather strange inclusion… for he is a gnome. Nicodemus speaks to his father.

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

The Poultry Farm property now belongs to Nicodemus. He tosses his Emerald to Lord Silvermore. Rainer is also unaware that the Red Sails Warehouse is still in their possession. Nicodemus has Huginn sign the deed. Huginn now owns the Red Sails Warehouse making him a permanent resident of Waterdeep. Our adventurers discuss the deal Nico made with Gralhund and contemplate bringing the matter to Vajra or the open lord of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand Long rest at the House of Silvermore. Watchful Order investigator Barnibus Blastwind arrives to draft Mirolyth into service and help with a case. The shadow guard dogs and the groundskeeper are killed.

Xel, Nico and Huginn enter the mansion. The Great Hall of Gralhund Villa is littered with 8 dead guards. All of which have the House Gralhund Livery over their chain shirts. Xel, Huginn and Nico defeat the Thugs. Lord Rainer Silvermore mentions that something must be done with the chickens that are running around. The Gralhunds have had interest in this property for some time now.

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He survived, but his top hat and cart did not. She is hard of hearing. He was badly burned, but limped away heading NorthEast Xel speaks with dead. He states that the Zhentarim knew he had the stone and were after him. Lorrent chases down a Nimblewright that was running across the rooftops in the neighborhood. He did not catch it, but did find a Necklace of Fireballs.

This is the second day in a row that they are called to a crime that involves Xel, Nico, Mirolyth and Huggin. Lorrent wants revenge for the death of his mother. Nicodemus promises him that chance. Nicodemus prepares Lorrent to become a Squire. No Mercy for the Wicked.

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Jeeves begins to make arrangements Our Thursdays crew successfully remove the body of the dead Gnome Dalakar. They take 5 gems from his dead body. Each worth gp.