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Zimmerman , Hardcover. Be the first to write a review About this product. New other : lowest price. About this product Product Information Todd Mills is running out of time. Against his instincts, Todd is lured to the Stone Arch Bridge by an anonymous phone call with promises of a hot blackmail story. Under pressure, and in need of a scoop, Minneapolis television's most well-known and only openly gay reporter soon finds that his visit to the bridge does deliver a sensational exclusive, but not the one he is expecting: Todd arrives to see a man murdered, leaving him as the sole witness to the crime.

Todd's lover, city homicide investigator Steve Rawlins, immediately takes on the case. But when a mysterious suspect emerges, the danger only intensifies, for this suspect has a secret, a past, and an identity that isn't what it appears to be.

An attempt is made on Rawlins's life in the course of his investigation, and Todd--dragged into the center of the story he's trying to cover--makes a frightening discovery. The murder victim was a police officer, and was gay. The killer, it seems, has developed a taste for watching gay cops die. And unless Todd and Rawlins are able to put together the pieces of the suspect's meticulously concealed past, the consequences may prove deadly--for them both.

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What a fun read I want more! From the first tragic scene to the end, you will keep reading. Along with deftly weaving unexpected elements from the characters' past and present, Zimmerman introduces a creepy religious cult, with suspenseful results. Show More Show Less.

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Outburst Chapter 1

Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 7. Signet Classics by George Orwell I don't think the gay slant on the book was any big deal, the characters were people first and gay second. That's the way it should be in my opinion.

I recommend this novel for all adult audiences. Fast paced and holds your interest From Amazon It isn't often an investigative reporter gets to witness a murder, but Todd Mills does in this page-turner. What I really enjoyed about this book was how Mills follows down this story, tracking the murderer, coming to very reasonable conclusions based on the information he has.

Todd Mills Mysteries: Outburst : A Todd Mills Mystery by R. D. Zimmerman (1998, Hardcover)

Zimmerman also reveals the typical flaw of most police investigators, in that their primary goal is often making an arrest, not necessarily solving the crime. I also liked the characterizations in this book. Each character has a distinct identity and voice that is carried through all the way to the end. The settings were authentic, but didn't bear down on you and slow the pace.

And Zimmerman's ironic use of the weather as another character is really ingenius. I also liked the fact that the sex in this book was minimal and only there when it moved the story along.

R.D. Zimmerman

Yes, Mills' relationship with his cop friend, Steve, is devoid of any stirring romance, but this isn't a soft porn novel. It's a mystery. What I don't like about the book is Todd's and Steve's relationship lacks plausibility in one serious area. And that is a reporter, a television reporter at that, has a love relationship with a cop in which each assists the other in their respective jobs.

I'm having trouble with that one. Police and journalists traditionally have a very strong Us-Them type relationships, and while this can be overcome, to be overcome to the point that a crime reporter can have a love relationship with a murder investigator really requires a leap. Having said that, the story is good.

Author - R.D. Zimmerman

Perhaps most readers won't think about how odd it is that an investigative journalist gets it on with a muder investigator. Perhaps they won't think about the conflicts this type of relationship automatically brings forth. Or perhaps Zimmerman will mine this field of conflict with more realism. Perhaps he already has in the previous works. But I personally feel it would work better if Todd and Steve knew each other on a friendly, rather than intimate, basis.

Such conflict would be tremendous and enthralling.

Zimmerman, R. D. (Robert Dingwall)

I accept the fact that most of the world is not. RD Zimmerman seems to be struggling with this fact and his blindspot keeps his Todd Mills books from moving out of the special niche category. Zimmerman, how about a gay mystery where Todd and everybody else's sexuality is NOT the focal point? Despite what you seem to think, it AIN'T all about sex.

The relationship between Todd and Steve is now all but nonexistent, and that's a drag no pun intended. You can't emasculate wood. Make these guys flesh and blood, please! Otherwise, don't bother.