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Wild orchids of the Tuscan countryside. Anna Maria is a frequent contributor to web content on life in Tuscany. She researches all aspects of Tuscan life, with emphasis on history, art, architecture and the culture of the people of this beautiful region of Italy. Strade Bianche - the back roads and walking paths of Tuscany, Italy.

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Strade Bianche of Tuscany, Italy. The best way to enjoy the strade bianche of Tuscany?

Strade Bianche of Tuscany, Italy

A horse and wagon tour! Tuscany Italy This is the site map for our Tuscany, Italy, website. To make the best use of our web site we advise returning to the home page or utilising the navigation menu to the left. Map of Tuscany, Italy Here's an interactive map of Tuscany with links to the best websites for many of the most interesting cities, towns, villages and sights of Tuscany.

There is nothing like it. To make it to the finish line, riders first next to contend with 11 sectors of gravel road.

Strade Bianche 2020

The first comes Riding the gravel, like riding the cobbles, requires a specific skill set. Bettiol, who hails from Castelfiorentino, around an hour from Siena, attended the early editions of Strade Bianche with his father. It takes time to building the confidence to be aggressive on the gravel. The wheel can sink down, like in sand, and then you can lose control.

Strade Bianche 2019 - Official Promo

You can also lose control if you brake too aggressively on the gravel. You need to brake as smoothly as possible. The Australian, who has spent much of his career based out of Milan, speaks fluent Italian and considers the area a second home. Clarke came 17th in Strade Bianche last year, the top finisher for EF Pro Cycling, in a race that saw only 53 riders reach the finish.

This is a card in our hands that we can play to get results.

The year-old powered away from a select group of favourites on the final gravel sector and managed to open up an advantage to stay away solo to the finish in Siena. However, by the time the bunch had passed over the following off-road section, it was all back together.

Deceuninck – Quick-Step to Strade Bianche

As the peloton moved onto the longest off-road section of the race, Australian Amanda Spratt was caught in a crash and was forced to abandon after taking a knock to the head in the fall. It was then a case of attack after attack as number riders, including Lucy Kennedy, dangled ahead of the reduced bunch but were quickly reeled back in. By the time the race hit the final sector of gravel, a select group of 11 had managed to break clear with Van Vleuten amongst them. Van Vleuten then made her move over the steep climb, as the off-road sectors ended and the run to the finish began.

To the Summit

She quickly opened up a gap of 30 seconds and with no organised chase behind, the gap grew to 40 seconds as the climb to Piazza del Campo came into sight. We were only two in a big group so we had to poker a bit, then I thought I had to put the hammer down on the uphill! I like the route and avoiding Western France makes that first week a little less tense.

We are in the mountains quite early and with a team time trial day two we will certainly see the lay of the land quite early in proceedings. Here's the organizer's course description:. The route offers a mostly varied and wavy landscape, in termsof both course and profile, with no extended climbs, but with a series of more or less steep spurts, especially on unpaved roads.