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Gallica link to Paris edition PDF file. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, D. Paris: Imprimerie Royale. Institutions de Physique. Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier. The title employs the old spelling of her name. Other scans available online, such as that from the British Library, are inferior.

Venice: Presso Giambatista Pascali. Bruxelles: Foppens. Dortous de Mairan, Jean-Jacques. Lettre de M. Paris: Jombert. Leipzig: Bernh. Sur la question des Forces Vives, etc.

Paris: Prault Fils. Google Books link to original from Lyon Public Library. Lucca: Benedini.

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Bayerische StaatsBibliothek Digital link. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Selections include Preface, and Chapters 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 11 and Chapter 3 is listed as translated, but is not included in the edition. Paris: Chez Xhrouet.

Jean Ecole 28, Abt. Paris: Gabriel Martin, J. Note : Complete edition. Sceaux: Jacques Gabay. Tome 8, pp. Paris: Les Belles-Lettres. Palermo: Sellerio. Discurso Sobre la Felicidad y Correspondencia. Edited by Isabel Morant Deusa. Discours sur le Bonheur. Paris: Edition Payot et Rivages.

Acerca de la Felicidad. Buenos Aires: Imaginador. Princeton: Princeton University Press. With Some Unpublished Papers of Mme. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation. Trapnell, William H, ed. Paris: H. Petersburg, vol. The following six entries include material copied, without attribution, from her work:.

Maglo, Koffi. This is ironic, since the Encyclopedia itself contained at least 12 entries that were copied largely from her magnum opus. PDF file. Paris: Briasson. Translated by Terry Stancliffe. Reviews of her work, and other kinds of engagement with it, appeared in English, French, Italian and German during her lifetime.

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The journal published critical reviews of scholarship. Paris: Chaubert. May, pp. Geneva, It begins by praising the anonymous author of this work for the finesse and style of the writing, noting that these are rare qualities. The work is written for her son and it involves an approachable style throughout as a result. It is concerned with the ideas of Descartes and Newton, but it also discusses the ideas of Leibniz, who is still little known in France.

Geneva, , vol. June , Paris: Chaubert. Article LVI, June, pp. September Article XCI, September, pp. In the s, the journal was published in two editions, in Paris and Amsterdam.

The two locations had different pagination and did not always include the same content each month. The reviews appeared at different times in the two editions, first in Paris and then in Amsterdam:. HathiTrust link. Amsterdam: Janssons.

March: pp. Bayerische StaatsBibliothek digital link. May: pg.

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PDF File. The journal is the oldest still published academic journal in German scholarship. Lozeran de Fese and another by someone else. Da sie eine grosse K[? July: pp. HathiTrust is missing a page. Brucker, Johann Jakob. Augsburg: Hais.

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The great mathematician Johann Bernoulli acted as the agent for the editor and Voltaire contributed a short account of her life. Utrecht: Lobedanius. August: pp. Bayerische StaatsBibliothek link. The following reference list focuses on scholarship that is most relevant to philosophy. Hagengruber, Ruth, ed.

Dordrecht: Springer. Zinsser, Judith and Julie Chandler Hayes. Barber, William H. Andrews University Press. Brunet, Pierre.

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Paris: A. Cohen, I. Detlefsen, Karen. Ehrman, Esther.