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  1. Gone South Novel by Meg Moseley.
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Historical Fiction. True Crime. Lance Dale Anyone who doesn't say Pelvis is lying, either to you or to themselves. See 1 question about Gone South…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Gone South. Think you want to read more? Dan is a Vietnam War vet, suffering the lingering effects of Agent Orange.


Why I Wrote Gone South

He fought for his country and got pissed on. He has lost everything: his wife, his son, his home. He is on his way to the bank, to see the loans officer, with whom he has a good rapport, in a last ditch effort to keep his truck. But things have changed, most notably the loans officer. A scuffle ensues; the new loans officer lay dead. Guilty of a desperate act, made in an equally desperate moment, this veteran now has a price on his head, and is suddenly on the run, wanted by the law. He heads south toward the Louisiana bayou. At a truck stop he meets Arden Halliday, who bears a disfiguring purple birthmark that covers half her face.

Life has not been kind to Arden. She is clutching to the only hope she has left; her belief in The Bright Girl, a legendary faith healer, who can be found in the bayou. On their tail, also swamp bound, are two of the most curious bounty hunters you will ever encounter. I do not say this lightly. Smoates was a connoisseur of freaks. As other men enjoyed vintage wine, fine paintings, or sculpture, Smoates craved grotesque oddities of flesh and bone.

He acquired Flint Murtaugh, our bounty hunter, at a side show.

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  • But then Flint himself might still be an object of disgusting fascination had Smoates not visited the side show tent that advertised, among other attractions, Flint and Clint, the Two in One. Soon you will meet his brother. Did I mention the bayou…….. McCammon ushered me in, to that isolated, god forsaken place we all imagine, deep in the sluggish, overgrown waters.

    His descriptive powers paint an overwhelming sense of place.

    Robert R. McCammon

    Down in Louisiana where the alligators grow so mean ………….. The locals govern themselves, no poh….. Thirty feet overhead the tree branches merged, breaking the light into yellow shards. Burt reduced their speed by half and steered the curve of another bend where the mossy tree trunks were as big around as tractor tires.

    Well, the map lies. This down here is a world all to its ownself. Codes would be more like it. Yeah, codes. The swamp, the gators, the locals, this trip; it will change them all. McCammon is a gifted storyteller and this is an all round excellent adventure. I savoured it slowly, as one would mighty, fine wine or a mighty, fine story. View all 37 comments. Then Swan Song was a loooooong book and I found it to be mediocre but likable. I simply adore Matthew Corbett. From the Vietnam War veteran to a desperate girl clinging to the idea of Bright Girl who will cure her of her scar to the bounty hunters who wanted to capture the murderer for the prize of 15k.

    This was a promising story but by the time I read the end, it felt like I was going round and round in circles and ended up where I had started. While the characters of Dan and Arden in my opinion were honed beautifully, almost every other character felt one dimensional to me. I think I will take a break from Mr. McCammon for now. View all 4 comments.

    Gone with the Wind | novel by Mitchell | sijacyfiri.ml

    When Vietnam vet Dan Lambert gets a notice in the mail that his truck is being repossessed, he heads down to the bank. The bank manager is an arrogant asshole and before Dan knows it, things have gone south in a big way.

    Lies: A Gone Novel Book Trailer

    Gone South, Bookgorilla email, yadda, yadda, yadda. For some reason, this book When Vietnam vet Dan Lambert gets a notice in the mail that his truck is being repossessed, he heads down to the bank. For some reason, this book languished on my kindle until someone let me know there were both an Elvis impersonator and a parasitic twin in this book. After that, I had only to fit it into my schedule. Dan Lambert is a semi-employed carpenter at the beginning of the book, a divorced Vietnam vet with Leukemia that never left the war behind.

    When he loses his truck, he unwittingly unleashes a shitstorm and soon finds himself on the run. Flint has a conjoined twin he calls Clint and Pevlis is an Elvis impersonator if that wasn't clear by his name. Gone South is more of a straight up crime book than anything else. There are no supernatural elements. There's a little more gore than most crime books, though.

    Also like Elmore Leonard, you wind up liking the bad guys quite a bit. The dialogue is great and sometimes hilarious. McCammon also shows off his writing chops quite a bit. I highlighted quite a few memorable lines while reading. In the introduction, which I'm glad I read after the fact, McCammon describes Gone South as a journey from hell back to the garden of Eden, which I can see now that I've finished.

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    Dan, Arden, Murtaugh, and Eisely are all pretty directionless at the beginning. They all grow as characters through the story, going through the meatgrinder, and coming out changed on the other side. It doesn't hurt that there are much badder bad guys than Murtaugh along the way. What else can I say?