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In the s, hyenas ate 27 people in Malawi. As many as hyena species have existed alongside primates. Some of the most ferocious animals that once ate our kind are unlike any predators we contend with today. In Australia, the first aboriginal colonists would have encountered giant, predatory kangaroos. Whether those roos proved deadly, we do not know.

Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

But imagine being chased by a giant hopping animal with six-inch-long teeth. Saber-toothed cats used their teeth to cut flesh, like pulling barbecue off a rib. In all likelihood, that flesh would have included that of our ancestors and kin, though the only evidence of their effects is from a single hominid skull bearing two holes, one for each saber. Others ended up in the Komodo Islands, alongside Komodo dragons.

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These monitor lizards, weighing as much as pounds, sometimes eat people, even today, especially tourists. Locals are said to have learned to avoid the monitors, but one imagines that this involved trial and—fatal—error. In some regions, swimming is avoided for the simple reasons that swimmers get eaten. People in the Arctic are constantly on guard against polar bears. Galdikas thinks that predation by gavials may account for a learned wariness of water among crab-eating macaques.

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  • Proboscis monkeys are also eaten by crocodilians. Our ancestors had to worry about crocodilians, too. The skeletons bear the marks of what appear to be crocodile teeth and are missing their left feet. The species listed so far were some of the most likely agents of our demise during our distant evolutionary history.

    As human populations grew and developed new technologies, predators became more rare because we killed them or ate their other prey.

    World's Deadliest Animals: Desert To Grassland [National Geographic Documentary]

    Malaria , yellow fever and dengue, among other mosquito-borne diseases, evolved with agriculture and the expansion of civilization. Even where we have beaten back our ancestral predators, we bear their mark. Our brains are wired for fight and flight because of predators. We are anxious. We readily fear what used to threaten us, such as snakes.

    We are who we were, but more so than that, we are what we wanted to escape. Our first words may have been uttered to warn our family of cats, snakes or eagles. Even our screams, those wordless sounds we make when we are afraid, are an echo of the ghosts of our pasts.

    28. Wolves

    It tells the stories of our changing relationships with other species be they worms, bacteria or tigers. In doing so, it considers questions such as what our appendix does, why we suffer anxiety, why human babies tend to be born at night and whether tapeworms are good for us, all from an ecological perspective.

    10. Snakes

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    The World’s Deadliest Animals You Don’t Know About

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    Photo of the Day. Video Ingenuity Awards. Smithsonian Channel. Video Contest. Games Daily Sudoku. Universal Crossword. Daily Word Search. Mah Jong Quest. Subscribe Top Menu Current Issue. With the combination of stealth, quickness, leaping ability and strength, leopards have been breathing down our necks for as long as 10 million years. The child lived about three million to two million years ago. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

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