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It is further complicated by the fact that to get a well-paying job, it is expected that one will be able to use formal register. Ability to use formal register is a hidden rule of the middle class.

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The inability to use it will knock one out of an interview in two or three minutes. The use of formal register, on the other hand, allows one to score well on tests and do well in school and higher education. This use of formal register is further complicated by the fact that these students do not have the vocabulary or the knowledge of sentence structure and syntax to use formal register. When student conversations in the casual register are observed, much of the meaning comes not from the word choices, but from the non-verbal assists.

To be asked to communicate in writing without the non-verbal assists is an overwhelming and formidable task, which most of them try to avoid. It has very little meaning for them. Another aspect: Another version of this is noticeable in educated people from the lower segments of society: They often they turn out too formal in their language. The importance of learning to Manage Money: One of the biggest difficulties in getting out of poverty is managing money and just the general information base around money. How can you manage something you've never had?

Money is seen in poverty as an expression of personality and is used for entertainment and relationships.


The notion of using money for security is truly grounded in the middle and wealthy classes. The above are only a couple of simple examples, the reality is much more complex and requires much greater effort from the educational system. Being in poverty is rarely about a lack of intelligence or ability. Many individuals stay in poverty because they don't know there is a choice-and if they do know that, have no one to teach them hidden rules or provide resources.

Schools are virtually the only places where students can learn the choices and rules of the middle class.

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It is time we mobilized this important weapon in the fight against poverty. View all 20 comments. Shelves: threw-it-across-the-room , nonfiction , bourgeoisie-bullshit. Do you believe that education is the best, most acceptable, most desired way to gain prominence in our society? Do you believe we should continue down this path?

View all 23 comments. Mar 08, Don rated it did not like it Recommends it for: no one. Payne's book is a perfect example of what is wrong with the conservative approach to education. In this book, sold to districts all over the country, Payne peddles soft racism and discredited social theory, based on her anecdotal observations, rather than real research.

I had the misfortune of going to Payne's book is a perfect example of what is wrong with the conservative approach to education. I had the misfortune of going to a professional development opportunity presented by one of Payne's lackeys. She chose exactly this approach, regaling our teachers with increasingly improbable stories about the sexual and economic often linked immorality of the poor, ostensibly to illustrate the need for more structured lesson plans to suit the poor. This argument is troubling on a number of levels, but most importantly, for how it essentializes the experience of poverty.

For those who would fix education by fixing the value structure of the poor, poverty is not only inevitably marked by experience with substance abuse, laziness, crime, and sexual abuse; they are inherent characteristics.

Valorizing the middle class as emblematic of virtue, these critics ignore a country that has a class independent problem with morality. To argue, in the country with the greatest wealth and greatest debt per person in the world, that the poor lack the structure to save money is an unbelievably simplistic and empirically incorrect argument.

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View all 10 comments. Aug 22, Kristine rated it did not like it. This was required reading last year at one of my buildings. I would retitle it "Reinforcing Poverty, making stereotypes stick. Mar 02, Bridget rated it did not like it Shelves: teaching. This book came highly recommended from various TFA types. It is horrible. I think this book could actually be really dangerous for the mindsets it reinforces while presenting itself as a compassionate, indispensible guide to working with certain populations. Dec 08, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: class , economics , sociology.

Full of generalizations, yes. Entirely wrong- no. There ARE rules of behavior and language in the middle class and other classes and trying to function in a middle class atmosphere requires knowledge of these rules. This is not a judgment statement, just statement of fact; just as knowledge of French would be a requirement for success in France. The Full of generalizations, yes. The difference is that knowledge of middle class rules is generally valued whereas the knowledge of those in poverty is dismissed and devalued.

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I would say that a serious student of class and issues related to poverty in the U. It is predominantly anecdotal and short on hard data. Nonetheless, it is a decent starting point for new teachers or social workers who may not have much exposure to the realities of low-income, urban areas and their students' lives at home. Apr 02, Algernon rated it it was ok Shelves: sociology. This is a controversial book, to say the least, featuring some very broad generalizations about poverty that lend themselves to stereotypes that are unhelpful and de-politicizing.

The unexamined will control us, and this book is about unexamined assumptions and the "hidden" social rules of each class that keep individuals pigeonholed and divided. It is ironic, then, that the author is accused by some of doing the pigeonholing and dividing. She is accused of racism, although what she seeks to This is a controversial book, to say the least, featuring some very broad generalizations about poverty that lend themselves to stereotypes that are unhelpful and de-politicizing.

She is accused of racism, although what she seeks to demonstrate in her work is that certain social patterns - communication style, interaction, formative ideas about money and power, to name just a few dimensions - transcend racial identity. Yet detractors accuse her of keeping racial stereotypes in place, with no support to buttress the charge. I suppose it is because one case study, based on real people, has an African-American name, and another a Hispanic name. Are there no African-Americans or Hispanics in poverty?

Her description of patterns is itself used by detractors to accuse her of stereotyping. Payne herself warns about stereotyping, which happens when one assumes there is no individual difference from a pattern. She identifies this fallacy herself. Patterns are simply trends, or overlapping behaviors by individual members of a particular group such as, a class of people with similar access to resources and power.

If we cannot address areas of overlap, how will it be possible to make any constructive critique of how society keeps people in their boxes? This would be a good question to consider for those who accuse Payne of some kind of conservative agenda. Whose interest does it serve when insights about the interaction of social classes gets shouted down?

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The answer is clear: dominating social institutions and privileged families. Finally, we might refresh our understanding of the book's stated objective. This is not a framework for healing class divisions, it is not a comprehensive sociological critique of society, and yes, it does leave aside the use of racism as a legitimating force for the process of social stratification. It does, all the same, offer some worthwhile reflections for beginning that critique and working towards a society based on justice, equality of opportunity, and personal liberty.

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How ironic that some would call that "conservative. View all 4 comments. Jul 30, Donnie rated it it was ok.

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There is some useful stuff in here, but there are some huge problematic things going on in this book. Primarily it's very classist. I also think its a dangerous book in the sense that if one allows oneself to read this book without a questioning mind, one may get sucked into the simple explanations the author offers.

It's quite payneful how she explains poverty. Mar 22, J rated it really liked it Shelves: sociology.